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2024 CFP Fitness Challenge - 1920x1080.jpg

Welcome to the ultimate group fitness challenge with Cary Fit Project! The challenge starts on May 6 and ends on June 17. Let's do this! Below we have listed the challenge's daily goals including how you can purchase a team shirt after choosing a team color.

All activities will be tracked via login MyFitnessPal daily

  • 10,000 steps/day

  • 30 Push-Ups per day

  • 30g of protein per meal

  • Group class attendance

  • CFP Gym & Workouts check-ins (track via checking in online or tag us in your Instagram post/story)

  • Consume water half the weight of the participant daily in ounces

Rep Your Team Color!

An email has been sent out after teams have been created to let you know who is on which team. Once you learn who is on your team, your team must choose a team color from the available color options: Red, royal blue, green, black, pink, and light blue).

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