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Wellness Coaching

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is designed to help you build discipline and develop healthy habits to create positive, sustainable change in your overall wellbeing.  

Our coaching services will help you reach your goals in all areas of your fitness journey, including stress management nutrition, weight loss, and overall strength.  

Our goal is to empower your to reach your health and wellness goals and equip you with the tools you need to maintain your positive lifestyle changes. 

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Wellness Coaching Outcomes

Our wellness coaching services are tailored to your unique fitness goals.  Here are a few ways that wellness coaching can help you reach your goals:


Stress Management

Develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress and lower cortisol levels to promote overall wellbeing through fitness and mindset coaching. 

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Weight Loss

Create sustainable weight loss by making healthy lifestyle changes, lowering stress levels, and prioritizing your mental and physical health


Consistency + Habit Building

Build lasting changes in your well-being by forming healthy habits and discipline you can rely on to keep working on your wellness goals. 

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Sleep Hygiene

Improve your sleep quality by optimizing your habits, behaviors, and environment to help you regularly get a good night's sleep for lower stress and increased energy levels

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Learn tools to help you make healthier food choices, improve your relationship with food, and fuel your body properly to support all areas of wellness


Rest + Recovery

Make self-care and mental + physical recovery a priority to prevent burnout  and health issues associated with

high cortisol levels

How It Works

Meet Your Coaches

Brandon Wooley


After learning a Bachelors degree in Health and Exercise Science and spending time in clinical settings through experiences such as the Heart Disease Prevention Program at Colorado State University and a cardiology technician here in North Carolina, Chance found an interest in wellness coaching and training. She is currently spending her time as a group fitness instructor while working through the Wellcoaches program to become a certified health and wellness coach. Her career goals changed as she saw a need for partnership and support in individual wellness journeys of those around her regardless of that setting being a hospital, gym, or in her day-to-day. 

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Lindsey sought a versatile education and training that would allow her to help others exceed their fitness goals.‍ She holds a bachelor's degree and master's degree in health and wellness, 20+ certifications, 10,000+ hours of wellness coaching and consulting, and over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, which demonstrates her unwavering passion and dedication to helping people become healthy, happy, and fulfill their true potential radiating in all facets of their lives.


 Lindsey has worked as a fitness and wellness coach for athletes, corporate wellness, and the general population and is now focused on serving the CFP community. Throughout her career, she has certified and educated trainers as an education specialist and consultant in the fitness industry, teaching biomechanics, program design, business management, health and wellness, nutrition, metabolic coaching, meditation, yoga, habit building, nervous system regulation, and time management.   Using these principles and expertise, Lindsey continues to assist her clients, members, and community in reaching their wellness goals and encouraging them to become their ideal selves.  

Our Wellness Coaching Package

Wellness Coaching Package



Every month

Valid for 3 months

60 minute wellness evaluation

20-30 minute weekly sessions over 3 months

Coaching insight from our expert staff

30-60 minute concluding session

Guidance across the full spectrum of health and wellness

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