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Located in Downtown Cary, Cary Fit Project is a boutique gym experience that strives to better the physical, mental, and emotional health of our community. To us, fitness encompasses all aspects of your wellbeing. It's more than just the workouts you do---it goes down to the mindset you have. In addition to helping our members get stronger and reach their fitness goals, we also work to address their emotional needs so they can thrive in all areas of life. 

Cary Fit Project brings an individualized approach to all the programs and services we offer, whether it's a personal training session, an online program, or a group fitness class. No two people have the same starting point when it comes to their fitness journey, so why should we use a cookie cutter approach? Instead, we tailor each workout plan to the daily routines of our members so that wellness can fit into their lifestyle to promote a lifelong, healthy relationship with fitness.

Come visit us in Downtown Cary!

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Meet Lindsey


Born in Saratoga Springs, NY and raised in Cary, NC, Lindsey grew up playing soccer in NC and attended Apex High School. In college, she attended and played for N.C. State University before transferring and playing at the University of Florida. Afterwards, she competed in the WPSL in Florida before returning to Cary to launch Oak City United, a soccer team dedicated to providing more competitive opportunities for women's soccer in the Triangle area. The injuries she faced over her decades long participation in sports inspired her to help others overcome the injuries she herself faced. She sought a versatile education and training that would allow her to help others exceed their fitness goals.Lindsey's bachelor's degree and master's degree in health and wellness, 20+ certifications, and over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, which demonstrates her unwavering passion and dedication to help people become healthy, happy, and fulfill their true potential radiating in all facets of their lives and grow that business to make a positive impact on a large scale.

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Meet Connie


Connie Di Grazia is a graduate of the 2016 Republic of Yoga teacher training under the direction of Nicole Nichols. Connie has a gentle approach to yoga and has taught at O2 Fitness from 2017 to the present and now, also, CFP. Her gentle approach is great for beginners and intermediate yogis.

Hatha Yoga based classes will take you through some of the basics of yoga beginning with a warm up, grounding poses, and moving into some gentle inversions, twists, and more challenging balancing poses. Each class ends with the traditional 7-10 minute restorative pose—Shavasana.

Join her Hatha Yoga class 5:15 PM on Sundays.

Meet Jeff


Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Jeff attended Ohio University where he graduated with 2 Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s in food and nutrition sciences. In 2015, Jeff moved to New Orleans, LA, and completed a year-long dietetic internship through Tulane University, where he accumulated over 1,000 hours of clinical, food service, and community rotations. Jeff passed his board-certified registered dietitian exam at the end of 2016 and has been practicing as a licensed dietitian in North Carolina since 2018. Because of his love for the health and fitness industry, he also became an NSCA- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in 2017.

He has been in the health and fitness field for over 15 years and has had the privilege to work across numerous organizations including hospitals, fitness centers, weight loss resorts, PT clinics, and D1 college athletics, specializing in weight loss and performance nutrition. He loves to help clients reach their goals, whatever they may be and set them up for long-term sustainable success. He doesn’t believe in fad diets or restrictive eating. It’s all about meshing your lifestyle with your goals; he can help you do that. Whether it’s just overall health, or eating for weight loss, muscle gain, or overall strength and performance, there are some differences that people just aren’t aware of. If you feel stuck, know Jeff is here to help in any way he can! 

Services Provided:

  • Weight Loss Plans

  • Muscle Building Plans

  • Sports/Performance Nutrition

  • Meal Prepping/Planning/Recipes

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (ie: eating for diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, IBS etc)

  • Accountability



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