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Located in Downtown Cary, Cary Fit Project is a boutique gym experience that strives to better the physical, mental, and emotional health of our community. To us, fitness encompasses all aspects of your wellbeing. It's more than just the workouts you do---it goes down to the mindset you have. In addition to helping our members get stronger and reach their fitness goals, we also work to address their emotional needs so they can thrive in all areas of life. 

Cary Fit Project brings an individualized approach to all the programs and services we offer, whether it's a personal training session, an online program, or a group fitness class. No two people have the same starting point when it comes to their fitness journey, so why should we use a cookie cutter approach? Instead, we tailor each workout plan to the daily routines of our members so that wellness can fit into their lifestyle to promote a lifelong, healthy relationship with fitness.

Come visit us in Downtown Cary!

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