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Online Training Programs

At Cary Fit Project, we strive to meet our clients where they’re at and incorporate fitness into their daily routines, no matter their lifestyle. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, unable to go to a gym, or dealing with other obstacles, our online fitness programs offer an accessible and adaptable approach to fitness that empowers you to achieve your wellness goals.   

The 8 Week Program

A total body strength training program that builds muscle, improves mobility, and introduces fitness to your lifestyle in a sustainable way with minimal equipment. 

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Core Series

Improve your core strength over a three month time period with this micro-progressive workout plan which helps to improve your movement mechanics, balance and stability, and posture.

Exercise Library 

Access to corrective exercises that increase your range of motion, address muscle pain and stiffness, and reduce your risk of injury, perfect for supplementing your workouts. 

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