Personal & Group Training

Cary Fit Project offers a variety of large group fitness classes:

-One on One Personal Training & More
-Project Iron - Strength Training
-Project Inferno - Cardio Conditioning
-Project Yoga - Yin (Restorative)
-Specialty Classes

Movement Assessment

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail with injury prevention by providing our members a thorough range of motion evaluation that we implement with our program design. We combine this with a corrective exercise library and recovery techniques via muscle activation technique concepts.

Wellness & Nutrition

At Cary Fit Project, we think fuel is an integral component to your health. With that in mind, we connect with a registered dietitian/nutritionist to develop a plan for success. Also, we believe that behavior modification and stress management are key in sustaining your fitness goals long term. Our staff and network of mental health professionals are here to support the mental and emotional side of change.