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At Cary Fit Project, we pride ourselves on working closely with our members to create a life long, flexible approach to fitness. To meet your fitness needs however we can, we offer four flexible memberships that allow you to get the most out of your CFP experience

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The Cary Fit Project Difference

Unlike big box gyms, we make sure that all of our members are set up for success when they join our community. In your first session with us, you'll receive a consultation with Lindsey, a tour of our facilities, and a personalized fitness plan to determine the best steps to help you reach your goals, in addition to  24/7 access to our gym.


Packages above our base membership include three onboarding sessions which includes a range of motion assessment, a goal setting session, a health history questionnaire, and a registered dietitian consultation to ensure you get the most out of your experience, and two or more group fitness classes per week



We believe that behavior modification and stress management are key in sustaining your fitness goals long term, and our staff and network of mental health professionals are here to support the mental and emotional side of that change.

Membership Options

Looking for our membership forms? Click here.

What Our Members Say



"I did physical therapy and could not lift my arm above my shoulder.  Now, I'm doing 15-pound and 20-pound weights.  It was shocking to see how much I loved strength training at CFP."

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"I don't think I was ever really going to the gym until I met Lindsey.  She taught me how to workout, made it fun, and made me want to come back.  I really got in the best shape of my life."

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"I hate to admit my age, but I definitely felt like I should've been stronger.  After two years of training at CFP, I don't get those creaks and crackles in more anymore.  Forget the 10 pounds—I feel like I've lost 10 years. "

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"Lindsey is always super supportive if I'm having a hard time and meets me where I'm at. She emphasizes the role of stress in keeping me healthy, and I appreciate she cares about my mental and physical health."

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