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Our Services

We offer a wide range of health and wellness services to our members so they get the most out of the CFP experience. Learn more about our in-person and online offerings that reflect our comprehensive approach to fitness. 

Personal Training 

Our personal training experience goes beyond a cookie-cutter approach. We work closely with all of our clients to create a workout plan that helps them reach their goals while fitting in with their existing lifestyle. In each session, we provide exercise coaching to ensure that your technique and form is correct, as well as mindset coaching to help you make healthier choices in life.  

Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT)

MAT is a powerful tool that helps to identify muscular weakness, assess range of motion, and restore function to parts of your body that may be causing stiffness or pain. By using MAT, we’ve helped clients overcome their mobility issues like and get back up and moving. If you’re interested in learning more about our MAT services, send us an email to schedule a consultation.

Online Training

For those who are just starting out with their fitness journey or who don’t have time to get to the gym, we offer a variety of online programs to build strength, optimize movement mechanics, and improve mobility with corrective exercises. Our offerings include our 8 Week Program, which teaches you to build strength using micro progressive exercises, and our Core Series, which increases your core stability and function over the course of three months.

Project Iron

Project Iron is a high energy, total-body strength training class. We bring a customized approach to each class, meaning we apply the same quality of instruction that we have in our personal training sessions to our group class environment. The result is a fun and supportive communal atmosphere that pushes you to be your strongest and best self. 

Network Partnerships

We’re proud to work with other health and wellness practitioners in the Triangle to comprehensively care for your mind and body wellbeing. As of now, we partner with Care Chiro NC, Clean Eatz, and more to holistically address the needs of our clients. 

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