Cary Fit Project

A fitness experience in the heart of downtown Cary that not only takes care of your body but also your well being, utilizing a well trained staff of personal trainers, nutritionists, movement specialists, and a network of highly qualified, health-focused partners.


An individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim. 


Our mission at Cary Fit Project is to provide our clients and community with an unparalleled health and fitness experience and set the industry standard for excellence leading to optimal function in daily, recreational and sports activities. Focusing on not only the physical components of health, but addressing the importance of mental and emotional well being of our members and community.


Life will change and so will your fitness plan, and we will be there every step of the way.

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What We Offer

Customized offerings to help you reach your fitness goals.

Personal & Group Training

Cary Fit Project offers a variety of large group fitness classes:


  • Project Iron - Strength Training

  • Project Inferno - Cardio Conditioning 

  • Project Yoga - Movement 

  • Specialty Classes 

  • One on One Training

  • And more

Movement Assessment

Trained in Muscle Activation Techniques, our staff uses their knowledge of mechanics and anatomy to determine deficits and improve muscular imbalances, as well as hands-on manual skills to address capsular restrictions, range of motion limitations, and more. Combined with movement and training, the Cary Fit Project approach can serve to improve instability in joints with the goal of decreasing or eliminating pain.

Wellness & Nutrition

Fueling your body correctly is a crucial step in your fitness journey. Connect with a registered dietitian/nutritionist to develop a plan for success.


Additionally, at Cary Fit Project, we believe that behavior modification and stress management are key in sustaining your fitness goals long term. Our network of mental health professionals are here to support the mental and emotional side of change. 

Choose the right plan for you.

Our training programs offer not only the highest quality and customization to our members but also provides an inviting and motivating atmosphere that makes you look forward to the next workout. We have a variety of classes that will keep you challenged, having fun, and achieving lasting results!

One Month Trial Membership

If your are curious, sign up for a trial month. Receive: 

  • 1 Personal Training Session 

  • FREE Range of Motion Assesment 

  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes

New Member Experience

Each new member receives: 

  • Initial fitness consultation

  • Range of motion assessment

  • A personalize plan towards physical, emotional, & mental health goals 

  • Plus more

Unlimited Group Fitness

  • Initial Fitness & Nutrition Consultation

  • Range of Motion Assessment

  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes

    • Project Iron (strength) ​

    • Project Inferno (cardio) 

    • Project Yoga

    • Specialty Classes

  • Access to Gym and Equipment 

One-on-One & Small Group Personal Training

Fully individualized training plan including: 

  • Nutrition plan

  • Access to online video library 

  • Access to trainer for questions

  • Exercise equipment provided when traveling

  • Gym and equipment access 

  • Unlimited group fitness classes

  • Available as one-on-one sessions or train with a small group up to four.

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