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Service Packages

Gain access to all of our online programs on a monthly or yearly basis—whichever is most convenient to you. 

  • Yearly Package

    Every year
    Yearly subscription to all CFP online services
    • Includes:
    • · Core Series
    • · Exercise Library
    • · 8 Week Program
  • Monthly Package

    Every month
    Monthly subscription to all CFP online services
    • Includes:
    • · 8 Week Program
    • · Core Series
    • · Exercise Library

What's Inside


8 Week Program

A micro-progressive strength training program that helps you safely and slowly build muscle over the course of eight weeks. 


Core Series

Improve balance, stability, and endurance with our multi-level core series which gradually progresses in intensity over the course of 3 months. 

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Exercise Library

Gain access to our library of over 100 corrective exercise videos to address muscular imbalances and optimize your movement patterns. 

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