Our Network and Partnerships

At Cary Fit Project, we do more than address the fitness goals of our clients. Through our network partners, we aid them in becoming the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves by holistically addressing their fitness, their mental health, and their nutrition.

Andie Coscarelli

IG: @run4acozz


Semi-pro distance runner, Coach of Run4ACozz LLC, and part-time coach at RunnersConnect. Ran and played soccer locally at Apex High school before running collegiately at NC State. Started coaching in 2018 and now work with a variety of ages and ability levels. Work with clients to build confidence alongside training. VDOTo2 Certified with additional expertise in biomechanics & endurance Nutrition. As an athlete, experienced overtraining and underfueling as well as struggles with mental health. Have learned and developed an understanding for balance in all aspects of life. Work with clients to maintain that balance while seeing improvement as a process that takes time and patience. Outside of coaching & running, lives locally in Raleigh, NC w/ my bf & 3 pups. Enjoy a good gluten free taco and connecting with others!

Services offered: 
- Individualized 1 on 1 personal online coaching for distance runners through - VDOTo2 (1 mile &up)
- In person biomechanical evaluation to improve speed, endurance, form, and efficiency.
- Optional in person coaching
- Seasonal base planning
- Goal race planning
- Endurance exercise nutrition
- Confidence Building
- Group Coaching

Clean Eatz

Clean Eatz is a healthy lifestyle restaurant featuring meal plans, family meals, kidz meals, catering, smoothies, gift cards, spices, snacks, supplements and more. They provide a positive, welcoming, friendly, comfortable, non-judgmental, and motivating environment for everyone. Clean Eatz offers guidance for living a healthier life by making healthier fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices, and gives customers with accountability and support to reach individual goals. They support their clients educational tools to accommodate each person’s lifestyle needs with a menu that accommodates all levels of clean eaters, including vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians.