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Movement Assessment

Trained in Muscle Activation Techniques, our staff uses their knowledge of mechanics and anatomy to determine deficits and improve muscular imbalances, as well as hands-on manual skills to address capsular restrictions, range of motion limitations, and more. Combined with movement and training, the Cary Fit Project approach can serve to improve instability in joints with the goal of strengthening and improving the integrity of the movement.

Lindsey Delorenze
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Let Us Help You Move Better

M.A.T. is a system and approach to rectifying muscular imbalances in our body by improving the muscles ability to contract. Once limited range of motion happens in the system due to a weak muscle, compensation occurs within the system and overloads another area with that responsibility.  While compensation is a necessary process in the body, if left unchecked that compensation becomes our default movement pattern.  M.A.T. is a great tool to address this problem.  By identifying assymetries in the system and improving the efficacy of the muscles that are weak, M.A.T. helps prevent malabsorption of force through the system that can otherwise lead to tightness and deterioration of the joint.  Our range of motion evaluations help provide insight into our members mechanics to be able to customize their exercise program to help not only navigate the appropriate regressions and progressions complimented with their corrective exercise homework, but also allows us to have a system of checks and balances to make sure the training is not hindering their mechanics and keeping their muscles and structure healthy with minimal risk for injury.