1 Hour

Group Training

At Cary Fit Project, our large group fitness classes provide a consistent and foundational routine for your fitness goals. Classes cover strength training, cardio conditioning, mental agility, and recovery while also bringing you a community environment to help keep you accountable. Sign up for unlimited classes today! Scroll down to learn more about our signature classes!

Lindsey Delorenze
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Project Iron

Learn the foundational movements of weight lifting and increase your overall strength with Project Iron. Modified for all levels and led by one of our extremely qualified trainers, this class will build and tone muscle using free weights, barbells, resistance bands, and body weight movements.  

Project Inferno

Balance the strength training with the metabolic and cardio conditioning of Project Inferno. This 60 minute class will increase your heart rate, burn the fat, and improve your endurance. Never get bored with a variety of formats from tabata, high intensity interval training, circuits, and more.

Project Yoga

Tap into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of your overall training with Cary Fit Project's Yoga. These classes will teach you how to move, harness your skills of attention and focus, and work through challenges by managing your breathe and your reaction.