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Cary Fit Project Group Fitness Challenge 

The CFP Group Fitness Challenge


In 2024, we're challenging YOU to go all-in on our fitness journey and prioritize your own well-being. 


Starting January 8th, you'll have access to unlimited small group fitness classes, accountability and nutrition coaching, and more, to kickstart your fitness journey and create positive, lasting change in your mindset and overall health thanks our holistic group class offerings and supportive fitness community. 


By the end of this three-month challenge, you'll feel stronger, more energized, less stressed, and confident in your capabilities in all aspects of life. 

Here’s what our group class package includes:

PRICING: 3 easy payments of $99 per month!

Welcome to the CFP Community

Cary Fit Project is a boutique gym located in downtown Cary that strives to better the physical, mental, and emotional health of our community. To us, fitness is more than just the workouts you do—it includes all aspects of your wellbeing, mental and physical. In addition to helping our members get stronger and reach their fitness goals, we also work to address their emotional needs so they can thrive in all areas of life. 

We bring an individualized approach to all of the programs and services we offer, whether it's a personal training session, an online program, or a group fitness class. Our fitness classes have a small class size, which allows us to tailor each session to the needs of all participants and create a supportive, welcoming experience.  No matter where you're at in your wellness journey, CFP will support you in reaching your goals and creating positive changes that last for life. 


Our Group Class Offerings


Project Iron

Project Iron is a total body strength training experience that combines corrective exercises and foundation building in a supportive class environment. We bring a customized approach to each class, combining the benefits of a personal training session with a motivating group atmosphere.  Through our holistic approach to fitness, Project Iron can help improve your energy levels, build muscle strength, and release stress.   ⁣

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Project Inferno

High-energy, fast-paced, and calorie torching: Project Inferno is designed to get your heart rate up, so come ready to sweat. We start with a 10 minute warm-up, followed by 30-50 minutes of metabolic interval training using machines and bodyweight exercises.  Each class concludes with a somatic cool down, helping to reduce cortisol and lower stress levels.  Great for anyone who wants to improve their running performance and technique, boost their heart health, increase their energy levels, and let go of stress. 

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