We all experience challenges in our lives daily.  Sometimes those challenges are too much for us to process and work through on our own.  If you are struggling with challenges in your life and would like help - we can work together to achieve your goals and help you to grow.


I use a combination of different therapy models to help each person individually.  Each person is unique and has their own journey in life.  Together we will look at where you have been, where you want to be, and plan together how to help you achieve your goals and obtain better mental health.


During this process we will continue to look at what is working and modify your therapy based on the progress you are making.  My goal is to help you gain, learn, and develop tools that will allow you to be able to better handle life's moments. 


I look forward to the opportunities we will have together on your journey to better mental health.

Stefan Lewis, MA, LPC

Network Partner: Licensed Professional Counselor

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