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Our qualified staff takes care of your physical, mental, emotional well-being by:

  • Evaluating/guiding your nutrition regimen and stress management techniques and connecting you to a community of experts.

  • Administering a range of motion evaluation and access to an online video library to integrate into your customized workout to overcome imbalances and prevent injury.

  • Provide a program design based on your goals to lead you to long lasting results.

We are here to change lives! And are grateful for the opportunity to help change yours!



Virtual training services to meet you whether you are at home or on the go:

  • Daily personal training and small group training sessions with one of the CFP certified personal trainers.

  • Virtual workouts posted weekly and monthly for you to complete anywhere and anytime

  • Programs designed for progression and success without having to come in to the gym!

We see to reach and assist everyone that desires consistent health, fitness, and lifestyle!



Our small group training is a more intimate and customized version of our large group training where you can experience more of a one on one interaction at a lower. You will get a similar experience our large group fitness classes,  but on a more intimate scale. Small group training will cater to those with a program based on their specific needs.  We cap our small groups at 4 people per class to optimize the coaching experience and provide more attention to detail for each individual. Have a partner in mind? Or a couple friends? Then this is the perfect class for you.  Set your own time and dates as you work with one of our passionate and expert trainers to achieve your goals and change your life!



You may have different goals, compensation patterns and injuries but don’t worry. Our large group fitness classes utilize progression, regression and lateralization to modify exercises to optimize those movement patterns. In the end the main movements such as: Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull and Carry are very important to anyone for long term health and maintenance. Join Cary Fit Project, receive unlimited group fitness classes, and learn how to adapt to any workout your own way. This is our largest class ranging from 6-12 people, be ready to be part of a community working together towards your goals. Check out the our class offering and schedule here


Shannon Ritchey is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Muscle Activation Technique Specialist, and 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher. She uses her multi-disciplined background to help clients to identify and improve instability in joints with the goal of decreasing or eliminating pain. She has worked with athletes, fitness professionals, runners, children, joint replacement candidates, individuals with neuromuscular disorders (paraplegia and multiple sclerosis) and more. Trained in Muscle Activation Technique, she uses her knowledge of mechanics and anatomy to determine deficits and improve muscular imbalances. She also uses hands-on manual skills to address capsular restrictions, range of motion limitations, and more.


Shannon uses her knowledge of joint pathologies mixed with MAT to address joint issues and pain. Each client will receive individualized treatment, “homework” to encourage longevity of each treatment, and a specialized plan that will taper in frequency of visits.



M.A.T. is a system and approach to rectifying muscular imbalances in our body by improving the muscles ability to contract. Once limited range of motion happens in the system due to a weak muscle, compensation occurs within the system and overloads another area with that responsibility. While compensation is a necessary process in the body, if left unchecked that compensation becomes our default movement pattern. M.A.T. is a great tool to address this problem. By identifying asymetries in the system and improving the efficacy of the muscles that are weak, M.A.T. helps prevent malabsorption of force through the system that can otherwise lead to tightness and deterioration of the joint. Our range of motion evaluations help provide insight into our members mechanics to be able to customize their exercise program to help not only navigate the appropriate regressions and progressions complimented with their corrective exercise homework, but also allows us to have a system of checks and balances to make sure the training is not hindering their mechanics and keeping their muscles and structure healthy with minimal risk for injury.


People, for the most part, understand the importance of working out, but are reluctant to put the same effort, discipline, and behavior modification towards their nutrition and stress management. In reality, without the proper nutrition and stress management, fitness, by itself, won’t be able to give you the long term results and benefits you seek. There are endless benefits to eating healthy and great strategies and behavioral modifications to get there.


Try a registered dietician/nutritionist! They are one of the most underutilized resources and are usually covered by insurance. Do yourself a favor, check out our networking partners and set up a consult and get to work. You’re worth it!


Long term success in your physical health is dependent on what’s going on inside, not just physiologically, but mentally and emotionally. In reality, we all could use an unbiased guide to help us address any personal obstacles that we may be unaware of and would like to resolve to improve our physical, mental, and emotional well being. We believe it is an important step towards finding the reasons behind the unhealthy behaviors to acquire long term results and avoid the rollercoaster of treating symptoms and not the underlying cause.


At Cary Fit Project, we would like to break the stigma of mental health obstacles and receiving assistance from a counselor/therapist and encourage everyone to take advantage of all the benefits they have to offer. Therapy is a great tool for everyone no matter where you are in your journey towards becoming a healthier you.

It is not just for common mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Therapy can be wanting insight into better coping strategies for stress, or ways to help re-patternize your thinking and attitude towards working out, or to address underlying reasons for certain behaviors, like unhealthy eating habits that are thwarting your efforts towards achieving your fitness goals. There are many reasons and benefits to go, try it out with one of our networking partners and see the benefits for yourself.


Our passionate and expert training staff are here to make your weight loss journey a fun and motivating experience that makes you want to come back for more! Our welcoming atmosphere will meet you where you are at and help develop appropriate behavior modifications in nutrition, fitness, and stress management to achieve long lasting results.


We have an array of membership tiers that can accommodate your exercise needs and preferences whether you prefer a team environment with our large or small group training or prefer a more individualized atmosphere with 1 on 1 training and online coaching. On your fitness journey you are not alone, Cary Fit Project is with you every step of the way!


At Cary Fit Project we believe injury prevention is the foundation of strength training. One cannot exist without the other, or shouldn’t. In order to build strength appropriately you need to start from a solid foundation and optimize symmetry in range of motion.


With our system of checks and balances in checking range and efficacy of the muscles with M.A.T. and emphasis on micro progression with exercises, we ensure our members have customization in their workouts regarding their imbalances whether they are in group training or one on one. This allows us to keep low risk and high reward with exercises and our training programs. Whether that means improving your deadlift or picking up your kids, we are here to get you there safely and effectively!

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