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Specialties include:

  • Orthopedic physical therapy

  • Chronic pain reduction

  • Teaching yoga and fitness classes

8 years in the fitness industry

I enjoy teaching yoga and fitness classes, can usually be found blasting hip hop music in the car, and am currently learning how to golf. I recently moved from Kansas City with my husband who is pursing his MBA at Duke, and I  love the welcoming community in North Carolina. My relationship with a healthy lifestyle has grown and evolved, and I’ve settled somewhere in the 70/30 range of eating healthy to ice cream and wine. I love to learn, and when I’m not playing rap music, I’m listening to educational and inspirational podcasts. I went to the University of Kansas, and was a business major in my undergraduate. My career towards physical therapy began in college when I started teaching yoga and fitness classes at the student recreation center. I loved hearing the physical benefits my clients were experiencing from classes. Eager to learn more about how the body moves, I took all the fitness certifications I could and eventually became a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher. My career took a turn from business when I was working at a software company and realized I was more preoccupied with enrolling in yoga certifications than IT classes. I switched my direction, applied for physical therapy school, and never looked back.



Shannon is a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Muscle Activation Technique Specialist, and 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher. She uses her expertise to work with clients to identify and improve instability in joints with the goal to decrease or eliminate pain. She has worked with athletes, fitness professionals, runners, pediatrics, joint replacement candidates, individuals with neuromuscular disorders (paraplegia and multiple sclerosis) and more. Trained in Muscle Activation Technique, she uses her knowledge of mechanics and anatomy to determine deficits and improve muscular imbalances. She also uses hands-on manual skills to address capsular restrictions, range of motion limitations, and more.


Shannon’s goal for each session is for clients to walk out feeling and moving better than when they arrived. She prides herself on helping many people improve or eliminate chronic issues they thought would never subside. The outcome Shannon expects for each client is to require a decreasing frequency of visits as stability improves, and return to their life and hobbies with ease.​



  • BS of Business Administration, Entrepreneurship concentration

       from the University of Kansas

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Kansas



  • Muscle Activation Technique Specialist

  • 200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Certified personal trainer

Dr. Shannon Ritchey, DP, DPT 

Physical Therapist | MAT Practitioner | Yoga Instructor