Bryan Meyer began his training just as many young athletes do, on his own. Seeking out the best coaches and trainers he could shadow or find and asking the one question he continues to ask today, WHY? So many people in every field of work can’t seem to answer that question. It is ok to be wrong and make mistakes but if you are not learning and improving then you are not headed in the right direction. Every field of work, especially performance training, requires a nonstop learning mentality.  

Trainer to three Olympic medalist in three different sports. Over 15 years training NBA and NFL athletes. Owned and ran his own facility for 8 years.  Author and speaker with his book, Chasing the Title.  Has trained from China to Mongolia and throughout the USA.   Known for bringing a future NBA hall of famer back from potential ending back surgery.  

There is no excuse and Coach B expects the same out of all his clients. If you are not ready to improve then Coach B is not the right fit for you.

Bryan Meyer, PES, HFI, CSCA, NSCAA National Coaching Diploma 

Personal Trainer: Sports Performance Coach

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